WATCH: Joni Ernst Doesn't Remember Criticizing J6 Insurrectionists

After Donald Trump's supporters attacked the United States Capitol, pretty much all politicians, regardless or party, came out against the rioters. But today's Republican party is dark and aggressive, and it is no longer ok for lawmakers to call out those who attacked the country. 

Republican candidates were eager to call out MAGA rioters after the event. But if they want to stay in power, they now have to act as if it never happened. This kind of behavior was clear during Joni Ernst's interview with Meet the Press on Sunday. 

The Iowa senator acted as if she was unaware of the 2021 riot. When asked about pardons for the insurrectionists, she answered, "I am not opposed to that. That is a president's prerogative. And so if former President Donald Trump is elected as our next president, he does have the right to do that."

When pressed by Welker, she continued, "Well, again, I am not saying that I would support pardoning them, but that is a president's prerogative to do so."

Ernst, who wrote about how awful the insurrection was in the aftermath didn't seem to remember her words on Sunday. She told Welker, "I did not call them insurrectionists. I don't remember using that term."