WATCH: Jonathan Lemire Explains Why There's No Bottom to Race For Trump's VP

In 2016, the Republican Party decided to hand itself over to Donald Trump and things don't look like they'll ever be the same. Politicians who once talked about respect for the law, common sense policymaking and general decency now grovel to one of the most immoral men in political history. 

Trump now has a shortlist for VP and it features mostly men. And according to Jonathan Lemire, these people are more than willing to debase themselves for the opportunity to run alongside the Republican candidate. 

During Monday's Morning Joe, Lemire began, "This is the Republican Party; this is who they are. It is an open audition to be his vice president. There seems to be, as we often say, no bottom here."

The Politico White House Bureau Chief continued:

"We have a governor of South Dakota thinking that bragging about killing a puppy will make her look tough. We have a well-respected senator from South Carolina suggesting that, you know, he would not go so far as to defend American democracy in free and fair elections, which is the bedrock of who we are. Won't do it because he doesn't want to dare upset Donald Trump. It is all about flattery, it is all about 'dear leader' – that is where the GOP stands right now. Trump has remade it in his image."

"I'm told that he is still in the early stages of the VP process," Lemire said. "He's in no rush to make this decision. The convention is not until the middle of July, they think even if it is mid- to late June, that's fine, even early July, perhaps. He likes this."