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[WATCH] Jonathan Capehart Talks to Rob Reiner, Others About Jan 6th Committee’s Next Steps

[WATCH] Jonathan Capehart Talks to Rob Reiner, Others About Jan 6th Committee’s Next Steps

The January 6th House Select Committee has “revealed” that those people gathered at the Capitol weren’t just “rowdy tourists” thanks to the hours of interviews they’ve had with the participants. Hey, at least it’s going into the official record now, but they’re actually taking care of a whole lot of things while everyone seems to be complaining that they’re not doing anything.

Jonathan Capehart, host of MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” hosted an interesting array of guests this week, welcoming a member of Congress, an esteemed Supreme Court lawyer, and an Oscar-nominated director to discuss what actions should be taken based on what the public has learned so far, as well as what needs to happen next.

What the Committee is learning and sharing confirms what we all witnessed: the crowd didn’t just show up spontaneously on January 6th, it was carefully plotted, planned, and funded. Thanks to Mark Meadows and his PowerPoint presentation, as well as social media posts, more information has been learned about just how early the planning began, and how detailed it was. Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI), spoke to the coordination that took place in the weeks before the rally and subsequent insurrection.

Supreme Court attorney Neal Katyal also discussed what Mark Meadows is facing now that he’s stopped cooperating with the January 6th Committee.

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Capehart welcomed writers Brian Klaas and Max Boot to talk about the insurrection’s political impact on the upcoming midterms and next presidential election.



Rounding out the discussion, Capehart also welcomed writer/director/activist Rob Reiner, who talked about the need for real prosecution from the Department of Justice, or else the Committee’s work won’t have the impact it deserves.

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