WATCH: Jon Stewart Absolutely Destroys 'Meat Bag' Sean Hannity

Fox News has had a very clear pattern for the decades that the network has been in business. The anchors of the network do their best to stow outrage among their mostly white and mostly middle-aged audience. They have been so successful in doing so that these people now think that Donald Trump is someone who should be President. 

Jon Stewart tackled the Right-wing media machine and the way it is changing the company during his Monday broadcast of The Daily Show. And the comic clearly had his sights set on Sean Hannity. 

"The idea that there is an all-pervasive, all-powerful threat to free speech called ‘cancel culture’ has become a central tenet of modern conservatism," Stewart began. "They celebrate their being silenced at conferences. They celebrate their being silenced on podcasts and streaming outlets. They celebrate their being silenced with over 700 book titles about being canceled."

The comic continued, "They’re so full of shit that Sean Hannity can say with a square head, ‘I’m not the kind of guy who gets outraged.’ Sean Hannity! He’s basically just a meat bag support system for a forehead vein!"

Stewart closed, "But, contrary to conservatives’ victimization complex, there is no organized cancel culture conspiracy where even the slightest misstep can 100% get someone on the right canceled. Actually, there is one."