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WATCH: John Oliver Tears Into ‘Terrible Company’ AT&T For Funding OAN

WATCH: John Oliver Tears Into ‘Terrible Company’ AT&T For Funding OAN

After decades of going mostly unchallenged, Fox News now has to deal with One America News. And OAN has managed to take some viewers from Fox by being even more extreme in their Conservative views.

Photo Credit: Tech Crunch

This week, it was revealed that OAN has gotten a major boost from AT&T. The telecom giant was apparently looking to create a competitor for Fox. During a segment this weekend, John Oliver slammed AT&T for its involvement in starting the conspiracy crazed network.

Oliver began, “With [AT&T’s] help, OAN has grown into the toxic network that it is today. One that’s happy to give a platform to batsh*t election-fraud theories from America’s most out-of-breath pillow fetishist [Mike Lindell].”

“They also claim that the only reason OAN was on DirectTV was that the network had sued them,” Oliver continued. “Okay…I guess the largest telecom company in the world got rolled by a rag-tag band of fascists. It happens.”

The host, whose network is owned by AT&T  concluded by speaking directly to telecom giant:

“You’re a terrible company. You do bad things and you make the world worse. Please don’t bother keeping in touch once the merger’s complete, although that really should not be a problem for you. You’re AT&T, it’s not like your messages will go through anyway.”

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