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WATCH: John Oliver Shreds Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson and CRT Panic

WATCH: John Oliver Shreds Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson and CRT Panic

John Oliver returned Sunday night for the season premiere of his show Last Week Tonight. And the HBO host wasted no time in taking apart Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson, and the Republican’s manufactured CRT controversy.

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Oliver started on the Texas senator, noting Cruz’s recent comments that teaching Critical Race Theory was as racist as the Ku Klux Klan. “I do not like that Ted Cruz man. I do not like him shouting klan,” the host rhymed. “I do not like him in a room. I do not like him in Cancun. I do not like him playing ball. I do not like his face at all. I wish he’d lose his cushy job. That man Ted Cruz is a f*cking knob.”

The HBO pundit then went after frequent target Tucker Carlson. He played a clip of the Fox host saying, “Well, I’ve never figured out what critical race theory is, to be totally honest with you, after a year of talking about it.”

Oliver continued, “According to Carlson, it’s all about kids being taught ‘some races are morally superior to others that some are inherently sinful and some are inherently saintly, and that’s immoral to teach that because it’s wrong.’ In fact, that’s not only what CRT isn’t; it’s what the anti-CRT laws effectively created.”

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Watch the segment below, courtesy of HBO:

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