WATCH: John Oliver Says He Prays Kushner Never Shows Face in NYC Again

Donald Trump was born, raised and lived in New York City until he became president. Jared Kushner moved to New York City and raised his family there after graduating from college. Both men have shown little urgency to provide the ventilators that the city and state are pleading for.

Photo Credit: Tech Crunch

This fact is sticking in the craw of HBO host John Oliver. During an internet broadcast of his show, Last Week Tonight, the host blasted Trump, but then hit his son-in-law with particular vitriol. He said that he prayed the former New York City resident never returns to the state.

Oliver said of Kushner comments about keeping a national stockpile of ventilators. “Wait, our stockpile? It’s not your stockpile,” the host said. “It’s a national stockpile for use by the United States you f*cking moron. And here’s the interesting thing about the United States, it’s almost entirely made of states. There’s states everywhere. I’d say more than 40 of them, Jared. And some of them badly need supplies right now, like the city you used to live in, and I pray you never show your f*cking face again.”

The host also bashed Trump, remarking:

“OK, setting aside the fact that leading disease forecasters are mystified at how Trump got to those numbers, trying to spin 200,000 deaths as a good job because it’s not millions, is the most callous way to minimize the deaths of Americans imaginable,” Oliver said. “Were it not for the fact that Trump responded to 9/11 on 9/11 by pointing out that he used to own the second tallest building in downtown Manhattan, now he owns the tallest. And the thing is, that wasn’t just offensive, it wasn’t even true.”

Watch Oliver’s entire show here:

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