WATCH: John Oliver Rips Tucker Carlson, McCloskey’s For Their Role in Kenosha Violence

A little over a week ago, a Wisconsin man named Jacob Blake was shot 7 times by a police officer. There have been protests in the town of Kenosha each night since that moment. Last Tuesday, those protests turned violent when a 17 year-old militia member named Kyle Rittenhouse shot two protesters to death.

Photo Credit: Tech Crunch

The shootings came just one night after Donald Trump has Mark and Patricia McCloskey speak at the RNC. And on Wednesday night, Fox host Tucker Carlson defended Rittenhouse’s actions. This weekend, John Oliver took both the McCloskey’s and Carlson to task for their part in the violence.

The HBO host began with the McCloskeys, saying, “I don’t know if he saw the McCloskeys speak the night before he drove to a city he didn’t live in to defend property he didn’t own,” said Oliver. “What I do know is he was an avid Trump supporter, even sitting front row at a rally back in January, and Trump and his media ecosystem have been delivering essentially the same message as the McCloskeys for years now.”

Oliver then turned to the Fox News host:

“How shocked are we that 17-year-olds with rifles decided they had to maintain order when no one else would,” Oliver asked. Well, you don’t seem to be shocked—and that alone should be pretty fucking shocking. Because let’s be clear. A 17-year-old vigilante with a rifle cannot maintain order, because a 17-year-old vigilante with a rifle trying to maintain order is himself the definition of disorder—except, of course, if you’re a regular viewer of Tucker Carlson, a show that exists to teach its viewers precisely three things: Property damage is violence, homicide is order, and pillows are for sale.”

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