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WATCH: John Oliver Lays Waste to Fox Host For Pushing COVID Misinformation

WATCH: John Oliver Lays Waste to Fox Host For Pushing COVID Misinformation

Tucker Carlson was called out by John Oliver on Sunday over his continued push of pandemic misinformation.

Tucker Carlson — Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Nearly every night on his widely watched Fox News program, Tucker Carlson goes off on a rant about mask use. He took it to a new level last week when he urged his viewers to call the police on people who have their children wear masks.

“Masks have always been incompatible with a free society,” he said. “Masks are for the guilty. They’re signifiers of shame and submission.”

When pressed about his actions, though, Carlson says he is not anti-science. He excuses his behavior by claiming that he is just asking important questions. Oliver took him to task for this disingenuous argument during his weekend HBO show.

Oliver began, “The problem is, when people like Tucker raise questions without bothering to answer them, there is a lot of misinformation out there for people to then stumble on. Anti-vaccine groups have been waiting for a moment like this to spread doubt.”

The HBO host continued:

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“It is genuinely weird to see someone hosting a show on a supposed news network, and ending every sentence with a question mark. Especially when answers to most of those questions are out there for anyone who cares to know. The CDC is being cautious, and wants to be sure it’s not spreading bulls**t around during a global pandemic like a frozen dinner duke with a TV show. Anyway, I hope that answers at least one of your gape-mouthed bad-faith wonderings, Tucker, you scrunch-faced fear baboon.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of HBO:

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