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WATCH: John Oliver Asks Tucker Carlson, “Are You a Racist or a Moron?”

WATCH: John Oliver Asks Tucker Carlson, “Are You a Racist or a Moron?”

Many of parents are wondering how to explain the George Floyd protests to their children. As they’ve done for over 50 years, Sesame Street stepped in to help children better understand a touchy subject.

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This idea of using a children’s show to explain systemic racism enraged Tucker Carlson. The Fox News host felt this isn’t a “message” that should be taught to children. After playing a clip of Carlson’s comments, Oliver absolutely went in on the host, asking if he was a racist or a moron.”

Oliver played a clip of Carlson telling his audience, “America is a very bad place, and it’s your fault. So, no matter what happens, no matter what they do to you when you grow up, you have no right to complain.”

The HBO host then tore into Carlson:

“That unspecified ‘they’ in ‘what they do to you when you grow up’ is doing a lot of heavy lifting there. There are basically two options for what that could be: 1. Tucker and his viewers have benefitted from a racist system that renders any specifications of who ‘they’ are unnecessary, or 2. That his show is a badly written piece of garbage. So, which is it, Tucker? Are you a racist, or are you a total f*cking moron?”

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Watch the clip from Oliver’s show below:


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