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WATCH: John Oliver Absolutely Destroys Susan Collins Over Voting Rights Claims

WATCH: John Oliver Absolutely Destroys Susan Collins Over Voting Rights Claims

When Donald Trump took office, Democrats hoped that Susan Collins could act as something of a check against him. And sometimes, the moderate Republican was. Collins helped to thwart GOP efforts to overturn the Affordable Care Act in 2017.

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But more often that not, Liberals were left disappointed. At the end of the day, Collins normally acts concerned, then explains her actions with Conservative talking points. She recently did this in explaining her resistance to expanding voting rights. HBO host John Oliver absolutely destroyed her for doing so during his weekend show.

In explaining why she voted against the For the People Act, Collins said from the senate floor, “S.1. would take away the rights of people in each of the 50 states to determine which election rules work best for their citizens.”

Responding to those comments, Oliver told viewers:

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“Well, yeah, it would. It is because history shows that certain people in certain states have determined which election rules work best for certain citizens. That’s the whole f*cking problem, Collins! Your party might know that if it wasn’t so busy fighting to cover up that history. Although, I do get it. If I had the power to cover up mistakes, I’d probably remove the whole Drumpf thing from the internet and two decades of hair cuts.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of HBO:

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