WATCH: John Fetterman Responds To Conspiracy Theorist Claims That He's A Clone

During a Tuesday appearance on Joy Reid's MSNBC show, John Fetterman mockingly responded to right-wing conspiracy claims that he is a clone. 

In the aftermath of the 2020 election, then the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania became known nationally. The lawmaker used humor to reject Conservative claims that Donald Trump had won the state. 

Fetterman rode that notoriety to a run for senate in his home state. While running, though, he suffered a stroke to affected him physically and verbally. The Democrat won the election and his health has improved significantly. This improved health has lead to conspiracy theories that he has been cloned. 

On Tuesday, Joy Reid asked, "I feel like it is my one opportunity to ask you about this. Apparently, there was a huge conspiracy theory that I might not have just had a conversation with you. This might be the body double. Am I talking to you my friend, Senator or am I talking to the body double?"

The Senator responded, "Hey, is he here? Yes you know and if you are supposed to show up and really address that but he hasn't arrived here, unfortunately."

Reid comically retorted, "That's just what a body-double would say, man!"