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WATCH: John Dean Explains Why Steve Bannon is ‘Celebrating’ His Indictment

WATCH: John Dean Explains Why Steve Bannon is ‘Celebrating’ His Indictment

Victimhood is an essential aspect of Conservative politics in America. Each night, the hosts of Fox News fire up their viewers by telling them of all the ways they have been wrong.

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So for prominent Conservatives, there are few things better than being a martyr. So while his opponents were happy to see Steve Bannon be indicted on Friday, Bannon is also happy. In fact, John Dean says that the former Trump adviser is celebrating.

The former Nixon adviser began by talking about Mark Meadows, who is also defying a subpoena. He told Anderson Cooper, “They might have been toying with the idea of doing what Bannon had done, and just defy the committee. There’s been a lot of that throughout the Trump administration. But I think they have to be braced by this.”

Dean continued:

“He is so defiant, in fact, I suspect Bannon is quietly celebrating tonight at this new attention that’s been given to him because he’s declared outright that he wants to destroy the administrative state. In other words, he wants to attack democracy and all these kinds of democratic operations. So this plays right into that kind of mentality.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:


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