WATCH: John Dean Explains Trump’s Georgia Predicament “Those Recordings Are Going to Be Dynamite”

Earlier this year, Donald Trump was able to avoid being convicted by the Senate. While 7 fellow Republicans were willing to vote against him, the 45th president avoided that embarrassment. But he has plenty of legal troubles ahead of him.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

At this point, it’s difficult to tell is Trump is in worse shape in Georgia or New York. Yesterday, it was revealed that Michael Cohen was interviewed by the Manhattan District Attorney for the 7th time. And the Wall St. Journal released another tape of Trump asking Georgia officials to turn the election over in his favor. According to John Dean, those tapes are going to be dynamite during Trump’s Georgia trial.

Anderson Cooper asked the former White House counsel about all the Cohen visits. “What they’re doing can be a couple of things,” he replied. “One is the prosecutors are trying to get familiar with the witness. More likely in this instance, because of the treasure trove of information they obtained evidence from a subpoena, is to get guidance and insight into what some of those documents mean, give them more people who might know about various affairs that are revealed by the documents. An insider, as I once was, can give insights that prosecutors can’t otherwise get.”

Dean then moved on to Georgia. “There may be other calls that were recorded and what they’re looking for is part of the RICO case they’re developing now that the Fulton County prosecutor has hired the best expert in the state who helped her with a prior RICO case. RICO cases are very serious, Anderson. These are stack-on lots of penalties. So, I think that’s the case they’re building. These phone calls that they have multiple records of now, are going to be dynamite.”

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