Watch: John Berman Asks Has Trump Lost His Mind in Addition To the Election

Recent reports show that Donald Trump knew there was a good chance that he could lose the election. It has become increasingly clear, though, that the president thought he would overturn the results, especially in states with Republican leadership.

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And this was the gambit Trump tried over the weekend with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. The Republican official released a tape of a phone call from Trump over the weekend. in the tape, the president essentially demanded that Georgia overturn the election results. Those actions led John Berman to ask if Trump had lost his mind.

The CNN host began, “We know Donald Trump lost the election. This morning, it’s fair to ask whether he lost his mind. So if you think that’s harsh, it’s actually the most charitable explanation for the astonishing new evidence that has come to light.”

Berman continued:

“Audio first obtained by the Washington Post reveals the president trying to bully Georgia’s Republican secretary of state into, quote, ‘finding votes’ to overturn President-elect Biden’s win there. The audio includes what might be construed the threat of criminal prosecution. So either the president has just completely lost his grip on reality — and there is much in the hour-long recording to suggest this, or he got caught committing an act that you will hear legal experts say is at a minimum morally repugnant, and at a maximum, a conspiracy to violate election law. All of this on the eve of the crucial Georgia senate runoffs.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:



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