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WATCH: Joe Walsh Traps Tucker Carlson After Televised Tantrum Over Tweet

WATCH: Joe Walsh Traps Tucker Carlson After Televised Tantrum Over Tweet

Fox host Tucker Carlson (Q-FOX) is trying to have a Twitter war with former Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL), but it’s not working out for him. Walsh mocked Carlson Tuesday evening, inviting him to try again — and in essence, making it very hard for him to defend Russia in this situation.

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Okay, here’s a rundown of the history. Carlson, as you probably know, has pushed Russian disinformation on his show, and has in turn been featured on Russian state propaganda television.

So, on the morning of April 4th, as America was learning about the latest atrocities of mass killing in Ukraine, Walsh responded by predicting that Carlson would use his “just asking questions” tactic to push false ideas to his audience that evening, satirizing a possible way that Carlson might frame this.

To be clear, as Walsh himself reiterated later, this post was before Tucker’s show, a prediction, not a report.

That evening, Representative Adam Kinzinger retweeted it, adding his own sardonic commentary about the usefulness of Carlson’s rhetoric to Russian propaganda.

Carlson, who is suspended from Twitter due to his attacks on transgender people, had a tantrum on his show, complaining not only that Walsh had spread “disinformation” about him (though satire is protected speech) but that he was unable to tweet about it.

Now Walsh is taunting the Fox host, daring him to find a way to respond. Of course, in order to regain control of his Twitter account, Carlson would have to delete his transphobic tweets.

Furthermore, Carlson is now essentially blocked from making those particular arguments — from promoting Russian propaganda freeing Vladimir Putin of responsibility for these atrocities. That is, he’s barred from promoting this particular line of propaganda, all week long, at least if he still wants to insist that Walsh is lying about him.

Joe Walsh might be onto something here.

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