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[WATCH] Joe Walsh Says the GOP Hopes Jan 6th Committee ‘Puts An End’ to Trump So They Can Be Done With Him

[WATCH] Joe Walsh Says the GOP Hopes Jan 6th Committee ‘Puts An End’ to Trump So They Can Be Done With Him

Donald Trump is a coward, but his enablers are even bigger cowards. Even if they’re willing to tell him some truths–like, say, that HE LOST the 2020 Presidential election–it’s not like he’s going to listen. It’s exhausting to constantly deal with a narcissistic bully who whines and makes everyone else miserable until they get their own way, so they eventually wear you down and you just let them have whatever they want because it’s just easier than fighting them. But you never stop hoping someone or something will stop them so you can just be DONE already.

That’s about where the remainder of the GOP is at the moment, and you can even see it in their faces as they still have to trot out the Trump tropes that are even more tired than they are. He’s a test of anyone’s endurance, as his former wives can tell you.

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But one former Republican lawmaker thinks he knows what the Grifting Other People party is hoping for because he understands there’s not a spine amongst them. Behind closed doors, they’re all hoping the January 6th House Select Committee’s public hearings will convince the Justice Department to finally act and bring criminal charges against Trump, and he’ll be the government’s problem from that point on. They’re just too cowardly to say it out loud, contends former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh.

Republicans are really only good at passing the buck and the blame, plus Walsh used to be one of them, so I believe him. Of course, I didn’t really need Joe Walsh to tell me how weak the GOP is right now, but the validation is still welcomed.

Also, it would help if people who worked for CNN didn’t ask questions the way they do, but at least Joe Walsh gives them better answers than they deserve.

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