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[WATCH] Joe Walsh Declares ‘The Republican Party Is Not Savable’

[WATCH] Joe Walsh Declares ‘The Republican Party Is Not Savable’

The expression “This isn’t your grandfather’s GOP” has been thrown around a lot lately, but it kind of totally is.

The only real difference is that our grandfathers didn’t have social media and 24-hour news coverage barraging them with propaganda and imagery, so the racism and other systemic hatred of communities outside of their White Christian bubble were shared at the dinner table or at Klan meetings/church socials instead, while always subjugating women at the same time.


Today’s GOP just isn’t like it was prior to 2015 only because it hadn’t yet been fully taken over by a foreign dictator. But Vladimir Putin secured Donald Trump as a human bridge and compromised the Republicans after the Russians hacked the RNC’s server and held on to the blackmail they found, and now we have to deal with fake social media accounts spreading huge amounts of disinformation while also attacking high-profile liberals as a way to distract from all of the other awful they’re doing, like trying to dismantle the American voting system from within.

Four Republicans who have all abandoned the party since Trump took it over had a panel discussion on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show.” Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, sitting in for host Jonathan Capehart, ventured into the “unscripted part of the show” where he and his fellow Never Trump-ers Tara Setmayer, Miles Taylor, and Joe Walsh excoriated the GOP for a quarter of an hour.

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Walsh, in particular, has been incredibly vocal about the rapid descent of the Grand Old Party into full Trumpism. “The Republican Party is not savable,” he declared during the discussion. He also appeared on CNN with Jim Acosta on Sunday to speak to their audience about the rise of “Ultra MAGA.”

Watch the full panel discussion from “The Sunday Show,” below.


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