WATCH: Joe Scarborough Wonders Why Republicans Are Hiding Trump

On his Monday show, Joe Scarborough reviewed the Republican plan to hide Donald Trump from voters. 

This should be a time for Donald Trump to take advantage of Joe Biden's campaign troubles. Instead, the 45th President has done little to advance his cause since the first Presidential debate. During a morning segment, Joe Scarborough outlined GOP concerns about Trump's self-sabotage. 

The Morning Joe host began, "Where is he? Why are they hiding him? Are they afraid that he may go out and talk about World War II coming or Barack Obama being president, or will he go, 'Ah, ya ya ya?'"

Scarborough continued, "Well, you know what they found was, as badly as Joe Biden did — we've all said he did horrifically— you look at the polls, and even the New York Times/Sienna poll, which has always been an outlier against Biden, shows that even with that terrible performance, he picked up independent voters against Donald Trump. Right?"

The Morning Joe host closed

"So what are they doing with Donald Trump? They're keeping him out of sight until the Republican convention maybe — who knows? Maybe his handlers, maybe his bosses will let him out this week, but right now, they're saying 'No, no, man, you have to stay right there. You can't talk, people hate you, independents hate you, swing voters hate you. Just be quiet, and you may win this thing again.' It's kind of crazy."