WATCH: Joe Scarborough Wonders Why GOP Keeps Supporting a Loser Like Trump

In his time as a businessman, Donald Trump experienced constant failure. Still, he was lauded in the papers

Photo by Shannon Finney/WireImage

and given a reality show that painted him as a tycoon.


It has kind of worked the same for him in politics. Trump captured the White House in 2016, but Republicans lost major elections every year after that. And many of those losses came in former Republican strongholds.

Still the GOP wants Trump to be an important part of their party’s future. Joe Scarborough wondered why that was during a Monday segment of Morning Joe. He began:

“It really is strange. The more Republicans lose, the more of a personality cult Donald Trump seems to develop. You can look at his losses in ’17 and ’18 — historic losses. I mean, Republicans losing like they’ve never lost before in the House of Representatives, just as far as a pure, pure vote totals, [and in] ’19, they started losing governorships in the South and then in ’20, they lost the big race, lost the race for their presidency, lost Georgia, lost the Senate, lost the House.”

Scarborough continued, “Rational parties, parties that actually want to rule, parties that want their policies to change, instead of just these — putting forth these hyper-gestures, they self-adjust and start electing candidates that can get elected.”

The host closed, “Donald Trump is not that guy, he’s just not that guy, and we’ve seen time and again that he puts, in many cases, people in a difficult position to win general elections.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:


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