WATCH: Joe Scarborough Wants Mom's For Liberty 'Out of Our Lives'

Moms for Liberty, a group founded in 2021, has acted like sort of a public extension of the most extreme Republican members in Congress. They have worked hard to get elected to school boards, then use their power to ban books that they feel pose a threat to children. 

The group got routed during the 2023 election, getting voted out of school boards across the country. On Moring Joe's Thursday show, Joe Scarborough and Molly Jong-Fast discussed what's happening with the group. 

"I mean, the book bans," Jong-Fast said, "Moms for Liberty had a really bad night. All of this stuff is because Republicans cannot control their base. Their base runs the show, and so you have these crazy ideas being shopped, and Republicans are losing on these ideas and, quite frankly, they should."

The journalist continued, "They're morally reprehensible. You know, it's overreach. people don't want the government in their bedroom and in their schools and in — I mean, they want them in the schools but ..."

Scarborough jumped in:

"I think there should be an outfit called 'dads for freedom.' That says to the government, 'you know what? We'll take care of our daughter. We'll — her mother and I will make the decision with our daughter, with health care specialists. Like, get out of our lives.' Yet, Moms for Liberty, seriously, worried about what? Roberto Clemente books?"