WATCH: Joe Scarborough Trashes Marco Rubio Over Fealty to Trump

There was a time when Marco Rubio was the Republican party's future star. He even ran for President in 2016, but was steamrolled and humiliated by Donald Trump. Rather than bear resentment for his emasculation, he had instead become a toady for the former President. 

Today, Rubio doesn't resemble his former self at all, and that was clear in his response to Trump's recent conviction in New York. During his Monday show, Joe Scarborough tore into the Florida Senator. 

The Morning Joe host began, "Even Trump's own attorney said the jury was serious, they did a good job, they paid attention – he did not find fault with them at all. He said they paid attention and did their job. But you have Marco Rubio and other Republicans who, again, because they want Donald Trump to notice them, attack an institution like America's jury system, then compares the United States of America, the USA, compares us to Castro's communist Cuba."

Scarborough continued:

"What's happened to Marco Rubio? Where is he? What is so deeply unsettling, for us, for him, for the Republican Party, for the people who vote for him, for the people who vote for this Republican Party, because you're losing when you talk this way, when you attack the rule of law, when you attack the FBI, when you attack jurors. Maybe you get $25 in fundraising, you know, blitzes, but you lose independent voters. You lose swing voters in Wisconsin, in Michigan, in Pennsylvania, and you lose elections. They keep doing this, and they keep losing elections. I just, again, I wonder how long can they keep going off the cliff for this guy?"