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WATCH: Joe Scarborough Thinks Mike Rounds is Starting the GOP Exodus From Trump

WATCH: Joe Scarborough Thinks Mike Rounds is Starting the GOP Exodus From Trump

In some ways for the Republican party, having Donald Trump around is really beneficial. And in other ways, he weighs the party down. This was clear in 2020 where Republicans running for the House and Senate did great in the suburbs while Trump did very poorly.

There are many Republicans who complain about Trump privately. Few, though, are willing to do so publically. This weekend, however, South Dakota’s Mike Rounds said the 2020 election clearly wasn’t rigged. On Tuesday, Joe Scarborough opined that this might be the start of a GOP exodus away from the former president.

The Morning Joe host began, “This is not breaking news, obviously, Sen. Rounds taking the [former] president on. I think it’s significant because one more senator is going out there speaking the basic truth, moving past the conspiracy theories.”

Scarborough continued:

“As we all know every Republican you speak to off the record says, ‘We have to get beyond Donald Trump, if we want to win in 2024, we have to move beyond Donald Trump.’ It’s even showing up in some focus groups. We just saw a focus group yesterday, a lot of people are saying, ‘Let’s try DeSantis, let’s try anybody else — let’s get past the negativity.”

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The former congressman closed, “We don’t have to be mired in conspiracy theories and lose the Atlanta suburbs, lose the Philly suburbs, lose the Detroit suburbs all because of one man’s bruised ego.'”

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