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WATCH: Joe Scarborough Slams ‘Deplorable’ Trump Team For Blaming Pence for Insurrection

WATCH: Joe Scarborough Slams ‘Deplorable’ Trump Team For Blaming Pence for Insurrection

Donald Trump had an enormously difficult time coming to grips with his November election loss. He declared fraud and had his legal team fight the results. When that failed, however, he turned to his Vice President Mike Pence. At the end of the day, though, Pence refused to overturn the election for Trump. And due to that choice, Trump legal adviser John Eastman says, Pence is responsible for the violence of January 6th.

Mike Pence to skip CPAC
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During a Monday segment, Joe Scarborough tore into Trump and his ‘deplorable legal team.’ The Morning Joe host told viewers:

“We’ve got the email. We’ve read the email. This is very clear that this is exactly what he’s doing. He’s blaming Mike Pence for not committing sedition against the United States of America and not stopping a constitutional act that’s required by the United States Constitution, the definition of sedition. This guy keeps looking — I’ll use the word, I’ll use it comfortably because I’m in the right here — he keeps looking more deplorable by the day.”

Scarborough continued, “If somebody tries to overthrow the United States government, tries to undermine a rightful, free presidential election, you can call him deplorable.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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