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WATCH: Joe Scarborough Shreds Trump Supporters Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated

WATCH: Joe Scarborough Shreds Trump Supporters Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated

When he took office in January of 2021, Joe Biden made vaccinations for all Americans a major priority. And he’s making good on that promise. On Saturday, there were 2.8 million vaccines administered, an all-time record.

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Not everyone, however, is excited about getting vaccinated and beating back that pandemic. And there is a major correlation between people who refuse to be inoculated and support for Donald Trump. On Monday, Joe Scarborough called out Trump supporters who are refusing vaccination.

The MSNBC host began, “He (Trump) should get credit for Operation Warp Speed, but how bizarre if that’s such a big damned deal, why are one in two Republicans, for the most part, not getting the vaccine or saying they’re not going to get the vaccine, and why isn’t Donald Trump, if he thinks it’s such a big damned deal, if he thinks he created such a, quote, beautiful shot, why isn’t he making sure that people are getting it so we can open this country back up?”

Scarborough continued:

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“You lost, you can keep acting that way, because you don’t represent anybody. But again, if you want to be engaged in the debate over vaccines, then be engaged in a positive way. Be engaged in a way that can actually save lives going forward. You made a lot of mistakes, you know you did. You know, Donald, you were responsible for a lot of deaths. You know that’s going to stay with you throughout, you know, decades, years to come in the history books. Just be positive here and get that one out of two Republicans that voted for you, tell them to do what you did, get the vaccine. Save themselves, save their families from a possible bad situation and let’s get this country opened up again.”

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