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WATCH: Joe Scarborough Says Trump “Mocked the Words of Jesus Christ”

WATCH: Joe Scarborough Says Trump “Mocked the Words of Jesus Christ”

It’s always interesting to see Donald Trump interact with Evangelical Christians. Despite the fact that the President is clearly not a religious man, Evangelicals have given him their unwavering support. A recent poll conducted by CNN showed Trump with a 75% approval rating among White Evangelical Christians.

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Trump, clearly stung by his recent impeachment trial, used yesterday’s National Prayer Breakfast to air his grievances. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough says that in doing so, Trump mocked the words of Jesus Christ.

Discussing Trump’s comments on Friday’s show, the host began:

“Since Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr., Robert Jeffress and all of these other so-called religious leaders are not telling those of you who weren’t raised in the church why it was so grotesque for people at the National Prayer Breakfast and in the White House to be laughing at Donald Trump mocking the words of Jesus Christ, let a twice divorced back-slidden Baptist tell you.”

Scarborough continued, “It is the centerpiece of the Gospels of Jesus Christ to love your enemies, to forgive those who have persecuted you, and to show mercy and kindness and meekness. That should be your goal, and yesterday at something called the National Prayer Breakfast, Donald Trump mocked the words of Jesus Christ, and he got applause for it.”

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The Morning Joe host closed his comments, “I’m marking yesterday as a dark day, not only in the history of this country, but in the history of the modern evangelical movement,” he added, “because I heard nobody — nobody — that supported Donald Trump stand up for the words of Jesus Christ.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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