WATCH: Joe Scarborough Rips SC Justice Alito Over MAGA Flag

The nine United States Supreme Court members are quite possibly the most powerful people in America. And as of right now, there is nothing to stop them from behaving exactly as they want. 

Clarence Thomas has been taking massive gifts from people with businesses in front of the court for years without penalty. Yesterday, it was revealed that Samuel Alito had an American flag hanging upside down in front of his house on January 6th, a sign that he supported Donald Trump's false election claims. 

Alito claimed he had hung the flag that way in response to a neighbor. Joe Scarborough wasn't buying it, saying, "A neighbor upsets me, comes out and upsets me because the Rays beat the Red Sox, and the Red Sox really suck, and so I'm mad. I'm not hanging my flag upside down. This is dumb as when I heard about the Dobbs leak – nobody believes him."

The Morning Joe host then turned to Trump supporters, continuing

"These people, these Trumpers, who have spent their entire life attacking people for being insufficiently patriotic, then they lose, and they just hate America. They hate America. They're constantly going around saying how weak we are. They hate our military, they say our weak our military is when it is the strongest in the world. They hate our economy, they claim the president of the United States is a socialist. The Dow [Jones on Thursday] made all of these people a lot richer, breaking 40,000 for the first time, despite Donald Trump's lies that it would collapse if Joe Biden was president of the United States. They hate this country, they attack this country."