WATCH: Joe Scarborough Isn’t Buying IG Report That Park Wasn’t Cleared for Trump Photo Op

Last summer, Donald Trump went to a historic church to be photographed holding a bible. As he walked through Lafayette Square Park to get there, protesters in the park were tear gassed. It was one of the most memorable and troubling moments of the last year of his presidency.

Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images

This week, the IG released a report about the incident. The office claimed that park police were already planning on clearing the area prior to Trump’s visit. The hosts of Morning Joe, though, aren’t buying the story.

Joe Scarborough said that if this story was true, then Attorney General William Barr wouldn’t have been involved. He told viewers, “He could be the director for scaffolding of Lafayette Park, I apologize to William Barr. I didn’t know he could try to undermine Jeffersonian democracy, undercut 220 years of checks and balances, and be responsible for scaffolding in Lafayette Park. If that’s the case, I apologize. But if not, then again, we look at the part where he comes out before Trump comes out, and he asks this question. ‘Are these people still going to be here when POTUS comes out?'”

The host continued, “The operations commander replies to Mr. Barr, ‘Are you freaking kidding me?’ He then hung his head and walked away, the report said, and soon after the new director of scaffolding for Lafayette Park came out and in no uncertain terms told them to clear the park before Donald Trump came out, the violent confrontation began.”

Scarborough closed his remarks, ” I apologize, that [Bible is] not upside down, that’s backwards. He’s [Trump] holding the bible backwards. As a certain Oklahoma senator said, I’ve been going to Sunday school for 50 years, and I’ve never seen anyone hold a Bible that way. But if it makes you feel better seizing on to a report that doesn’t cover the entire event and completely ignoring what the director of scaffolding for Lafayette Park said, you go with that.”

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