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WATCH: Joe Scarborough Explains Why Republicans Hate Cops

WATCH: Joe Scarborough Explains Why Republicans Hate Cops

For decades now, Republicans have painted themselves as the pro-law enforcement party. And police officers seem to believe them. A 2016 poll showed that 84% of officers supported Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. And police officers continued to support Trump throughout his presidency.

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The support for police officers, though, only went so far. Donald Trump and his supporters seemed to have no issue with cops being attacked during the 1/6 insurrection. During a Monday broadcast, Joe Scarborough opined that Republicans seem to hate police officers.

The Morning Joe host began by asking:

“Why do Republicans hate police officers? Why won’t Republicans stand up for police officers and stand up for cops when they’re getting the hell beaten out of them? In Congress, they love yapping about how they support the blue when they go on the House floor, but when police officers are getting eviscerated, getting brutalized, when they’re getting beaten to death, suddenly, they love the rioters, they love the thugs, they love the people that are beating them up and beating them to death.”

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Scarborough continued, “These Republicans who are calling these people tourists, these Republicans that don’t want to get to the truth,” he continued. “They don’t want to really understand why police officers were brutalized that day, the same liars who said that they love cops, they’re the ones that are stopping everybody who is responsible for the beating of and the eventual death of these police officers.”

Watch a clip of the segment below courtesy of MSNBC:

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