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WATCH: Joe Scarborough Explains Why Donald Trump Should Have Nothing to Say About Afghanistan

WATCH: Joe Scarborough Explains Why Donald Trump Should Have Nothing to Say About Afghanistan

Joe Biden recently made the unenviable decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan recently. This was something that most Americans wanted to happen. In an April poll conducted by the Morning Consult, 69% of voters that the troops should be brought home.

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The idea was also supported by a number of Republicans, including Donald Trump, who had a plan of his own to remove the military. The optics of the move look rough now, as the Taliban has quickly taken control of Afghanistan.

Donald Trump took the opportunity to criticize Biden, saying he should “resign in disgrace.” Joe Scarborough, though, says the former president has no right to say anything.

The Morning Joe host explained, “It didn’t have to be this way. You’re going to hear from a lot of people at the Biden White House, we’re certainly hearing from a lot of viewers, this was Donald Trump’s idea, this was Donald Trump’s deadline. Donald Trump was attacking Joe Biden for not getting out quickly enough. [Former secretary of state Mike] Pompeo had promised that we would be out by spring of 2021. Most of the criticism coming from Donald Trump and people close to him against Biden was that Biden didn’t leave soon enough, so that’s out there. It’s all in writing.”

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Scarborough continued:

“It’s why Donald Trump doesn’t have any room to say anything or Pompeo or any of those people that were pushing to get us out even more quickly. That said, the buck stops with the president of the United States. He said that yesterday, and for people who want to know why this happened, that aren’t just looking at this through the ideological lenses, you know, we talked about it on the show for six months now.”

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