WATCH: Joe Scarborough Explains How Republicans Lost The Country

Joe Scarborough was elected to the United States Congress as a Republican in 1995 and would serve three terms in the House. He has since retired from politics to become a television host and he left the Republican party in 2017. 

The Morning Joe host can't help but look back that what's become of the GOP since the party turned itself over the Donald Trump. And during his Monday broadcast, the pundit explained how the party has lost its footing in the country. 

"Sometimes you need to step back, right?" Scarborough began. "Sometimes you need to step back and go, why are things happening the way they are? I know we've all seen op-eds talking about this through the years, but the Republicans have lost seven of the last eight presidential elections when it comes to popular vote. They figured out in '16 how to win just barely through the Electoral College."

The host continued, "Not to get too deep into it here, but I'm going to get deep into it because that's what I do. If you take away Ralph Nader in 2000, take away Jill Stein in 2016, get this, a Republican would not have been elected president this century."

Scarborough closed, "But the Republicans have lost the country. This is amazing – since 1992, Republicans have won the popular vote one time. What do you do if you know you're going to lose? You're not changing the country but will keep denying elections. They're trying to perfect it now."