WATCH: Joe Scarborough Explains How House GOP Is Planning To 'Steal Next Election'

Donald Trump has significant power within the GOP and he wielded it this week by shutting down Tom Emmer and helping Mike Johnson become the next Speaker of the House. Unlike Emmer, Johnson bought into and promoted Trump's big lie. 

Johnson's unlikely victory is a big win for MAGA-world. And when reporters attempted to ask Johnson about his election-denying past, GOP members booed and attempted to shout the questions down. 

Joe Scarborough thought that the GOP's actions are a sign of things to come. He said during his show today, "They've already got this figured out. They've got Donald Trump's guy in there, and they're going to steal this election in the House of Representatives with this speaker, who led -- you say shut up? We're not going to shut up, you shut up."

Scarborough continued:

"If you want to overturn American democracy, we don't want to hear what you have to say. Keep it to yourself, but we'll never shut up, because these are the people that tried to end the American experiment because their guy didn't win, because a failed reality TV show host didn't win. So those are the stakes. That's really what's happened. Donald Trump has found the guy that will gladly pave the way to an autocracy where democratic elections don't matter."