WATCH: Joe Scarborough Explains How Donald Trump Went 'Full-On Hitler'

When Donald Trump first came on the scene in 2016, he talked unlike any politician in recent memory. He was crude, insulting and had no sense of decorum whatsoever. And his supporters ate it up. 

Things have changed dramatically in terms of Trump's fortunes in the last 7 years. And the former President, who has spent a lifetime facing no consequences for his actions, is now in serious legal jeopardy. And somehow, his comments have become even more unhinged and gross. 

Joe Scarborough highlighted comments made by Trump this weekend, saying, "So you have all that talk, but you always had this fascist talk coming from him, and it was just a week or two ago that the Anti-Defamation League and many others were concerned when he was talking about immigrants, quote, poisoning the blood of America, and, of course, that's again just sort of calls for racial purity, which of course I find absolutely fascinating since we are a nation of immigrants."

The Morning Joe host closed his comments:

"As Donald Trump himself knows – what were they called, the Drumpfs? What was his last name? Drumpfs came here from Germany when -- just having a name Drumpf and being from Germany was seen as anti-American and seen as poisoning the bloodstream, and now we're going -- we're just going full-on Hitler talking about vermin."