WATCH: Joe Scarborough Calls Out Donald Trump's Campaign for 'Hating America'

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump won every Republican primary except for the one taking place in Vermont. It was somewhat easy, though the fact that Nikki Haley received 20-40% of the Republican vote in most states should be a significant warning sign for the GOP. 

Trump has primarily complained about everything going on in the country right now. And he has told his supporters that he is the only one who could fix it. During Wednesday's broadcast, Joe Scarborough and the Morning Joe panel took on Trump's campaigning style. 

The host began, "Despite the fact Donald Trump is doing very well last night and his side of the ring, a side that lost seven years in a row and sure to lose again this year if the Democrats and independents work hard, he kept trashing America."

Scarborough continued:

"That is Donald Trump's message. Ronald Reagan talking about a city shining brightly on the hill, but Donald Trump's message is 'America sucks.' It was 'America sucks' before he got elected, it is America sucks now. He talked about American carnage even after he got elected. He lied about an illegal invasion when Barack Obama and Joe Biden had rates at 50-year lows of illegal border crossings."

The host closed, "This is the greatest country in the world, and yet Donald Trump wins votes. What is wrong with you people? Why do you hate America, why do you vote for a guy that says America is terrible? That it is a third-world country? When all the evidence is to the contrary. This is why they lose every year because they run campaigns dedicated to trashing the greatest country on the face of the earth."