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WATCH: Joe Scarborough Calls Behavior of Rittenhouse Judge ‘Absolutely Disgusting’

WATCH: Joe Scarborough Calls Behavior of Rittenhouse Judge ‘Absolutely Disgusting’

Last summer, a teenager named Kyle Rittenhouse, armed with an assault rifle, shot 3 protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, killing 2. He has become somewhat of a martyr on the right, while those on the left want to see him face justice.

Photo by Sean Krajacic-Pool/Getty Images

Rittenhouse is currently facing trial and took the stand on Wednesday. The part of the case that is drawing the most attention, though, has been the behavior of Judge Bruce Schroeder. During Thursday’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough called the judge’s performance ‘absolutely disgusting.”

The host began, “This judge is, Willie (co-host Willie Geist), this judge is a joke. He’s been an absolute joke from the beginning.”

Scarborough said of Rittenhouse, “Like a T-shirt he was wearing after he got out saying he was free as you know what. Sitting there basically taking great pride in the fact that he killed people has gotten out. As far as, again, going to his character that he beats teenage girls. The prosecution tried to get that in of course has him crying on the like witness stand like he’s some poor babe in the woods and he just happens to cross state lines break gun laws illegally carry around an ar-15 and shoot three people and killed people.”

The host then went back to Schroeder, remarking, “This judge again is absolutely disgusting the way he’s conducting himself on the stand there. He is obviously playing for the audience, a certain audience.”


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