WATCH: Joe Scarborough Blasts Senators For Vote To Forget About “Trump Terrorists”

Joe Scarborough didn’t hold back this morning, blasting the 45 Senate Republicans who sided with Rand Paul of Kentucky by voting to support his motion to declare the second impeachment of former president Donald Trump unconstitutional. Only five GOP senators – Susan Collins of Maine, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney of Utah, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Nebraska’s Ben Sasse – joined Democrats in voting to hold Trump accountable for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot in which five people died, including a Capitol Police officer who was struck in the head with a fire extinguisher.

The “Morning Joe” host lambasted Paul for introducing the resolution and other notable Trump supporters for going along with the charade. Scarborough noted that every one of the senators who supported Paul’s move had scurried away to safety as the Trump-incited mob stormed their workplace.

Of South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham he said, “He wants us to forget about the fact that people were bludgeoned in the head with an American flag because of Donald Trump. He wants us to forget that a cop was beaten to death and the reason that the cop-killer beat the cop to death was because he was inspired to do so by Donald Trump.

“This is what Rand Paul wants you to forget. This is what Ted Cruz wants you to forget. This is what Ron Johnson wants you to forget. And I say never, never forget, just like I said after 9/11 when the Islamic terrorists came to our country and attacked us. And you know what? I said we needed to call them Islamic terrorists and you know why? Because that’s what they were. They were Islamic terrorists. And you know what these people are? They are Trump terrorists. Call them by their name!”

You can watch the entire clip here, courtesy of MSNBC.



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