WATCH: Joe Scarborough Blasts GOP Reps Fro Preening For the Camera During Blinken Hearing

Now that Donald Trump is no longer the president, GOP Reps are no longer hamming it up for an audience of one. But that does not mean that they’re not performing when they get the chance to be on camera.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Yesterday, a number of Trumpian Republicans made a spectacle of the Congressional Afghanistan hearing. This morning, Joe Scarborough and Democratic Rep. Abby Spanberger ripped them for the disgraceful display.

The MSNBC host began by asking, “I want to discuss the insults, the shouting, those insulting him (Secretary of State Antony Blinken), saying everything he did and said was a lie, and then demanding the secretary of state not respond. I was shocked at the lack of decorum, the lack of respect for the institution of Congress, the lack of respect for the institution of the State [Department], and instead of getting to the facts, you had a lot of people that were just verbally prancing around and posing for the cameras.”

Spanberger replied:

“Some of the antics that you saw yesterday in the Blinken hearing are part and parcel of, you know, there’s a few folks on that committee that are there for the antics. You know, I have children, as you see in this picture, and sometimes you just have to — you know, I could go back home if I wanted to listen to someone being a petulant child, though, my children, let’s be clear, do not behave like that. It’s preening for the camera. It’s not respecting the constitutional duty of oversight. We’re supposed to be asking questions, and there is, in fact, assertion that you don’t even want to hear an answer. It’s a five-minute speech, you can do that elsewhere. The secretary’s time is valuable, our time is valuable, and the American people’s time is valuable. We want answers. There are many questions that I still need answered from the secretary, from this administration.”

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