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Watch: Joe Scarborough Asks if Republican Lawmakers Are OK With Trump Stealing From Them

Watch: Joe Scarborough Asks if Republican Lawmakers Are OK With Trump Stealing From Them

Building a wall along the American/Mexican border is one campaign promise Donald Trump is desperate to keep. The Washington Post is reporting that the administration will be stripping money from multiple military projects to create funds for the border wall.

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A large percentage of the money will be diverted from installations in Puerto Rico, but a total of 23 states will also be affected. During this morning’s broadcast, Morning Joe host, Joe Scarborough ripped the decision and wondered if Republican lawmakers are ok with Trump “stealing” from them.

Scarborough pointed out that many Republicans who had supported Trump’s emergency declaration will now be losing federal money. “So the state of North Carolina, their military bases are going to be gutted, for military construction projects that will not only bring jobs and keep jobs and Donald Trump is gutting $80 million from Thom Tillis,” said the host.  “Martha McSally in Arizona couldn’t stop Donald Trump from gutting $20 million from Arizona military bases.”

The former Florida congressman continued, “Moscow Mitch, the $62 million. We don’t know how much rubles that is, but it’s the equivalent of $62 million. Corey Gardner, $8 million stolen from his military projects. Lindsey Graham, $11 million stolen from South Carolina and John Cornyn, $38 million stolen from the state of Texas. That 2020 election should be a safe race, but might be another — they’re calling it Texodus because Texas Republicans keep quitting Congress rather than running for re-election. Donald Trump stole — I can’t believe he stole $80 million from the people in North Carolina and Thom Tillis could couldn’t do anything about it.”

You can watch a clip of Scarborough’s tirade here, courtesy of crooksandliars.com

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