WATCH: Joe Scaborough Says Democrats Will Lose in 2024 if Something Doesn't Change

Last night, the Democrats had the chance to take back control of the 2024 election. Joe Biden wasn't up to the task. While the President was fine on issues, he lacked energy and did not effectively rebut any of Trump's lies. 

Biden's disastrous performance has led to loud calls for him to drop out of the race and allow a different candidate to take over. Joe Scarborough made a similar call during his Friday morning show. 

The Morning Joe host began, "We talked about the Goldwater, Barry Goldwater, to walk over and tell Richard Nixon it was over... Now, the question is, do Democrats need to do the same thing of Joe Biden? I mean, these are hard questions, but the fact is, friends, failure is just not an option. In 2024, failure is not an option."

Scarborough continued, "I think what surprised me, and what surprised a lot of people very close to Joe Biden, is the fact that this man always rises to the occasion. Last night was, sadly for him, and I believe for Democrats and this country, and, again, if you believe what's at stake in this election is what we believe is at stake, I'll even use the word tragically, he tragically did not rise to the occasion last night."