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WATCH: Joe Rogan Trashes Trump As Adderall-Popping “Man-Baby”

WATCH: Joe Rogan Trashes Trump As Adderall-Popping “Man-Baby”

Joe Rogan, once beloved of the Trump crowd for various right-wing takes, including anti-vax and anti-government conspiracy theories, now seems to be on a mission to distance himself from MAGAland and its inhabitants. He’s been making it very clear that whether or not Donald Trump is a fan of him, he’s no fan of the former president.

[Screenshot via Joe Rogan/Spotify]

Rogan has been pretty vocally anti-Trump lately, saying on one recent podcast episode that he refuses to have Trump on his show. He said he’s had the opportunity multiple times but always turned it down, because he doesn’t want to ‘help’ Trump or in any way contribute to “revitaliz[ing] or rehabilitate[ing]” Trump’s image.

On Rogan’s newest episode, he and guest Tom Segura go even further, mocking Trump for having a short attention span, struggling to read the teleprompter, having to be coaxed into cooperating with presidential briefings, and for his (alleged) Adderall habit.

Check out the clip below.

[Partial transcript below is edited for length.]

Segura: Even when you watched him as president, he was full of ******* energy. They said he slept like 4 hours a night.

Rogan: He’s on Adderall. Do you think he’s on Adderall?

Segura: Yes. I do. Only because there were multiple people who used to work on The Apprentice that were like, “He was ******* gassed up for shoots. He has trouble reading. He would struggle to read prompter or script when he was sober, so they would give him that…He gets very bored, they said. He got bored at the CIA briefings in the mornings!

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Rogan: He’s a man-baby.

Segura: He’s a toddler.

Trump’s purported addictions — and other stories about his Celebrity Apprentice foibles, including rages over having to walk even short distances, as well as the purported Adderall addiction, come predominantly from former staffer Noel Casler, who has dared Trump to try to enforce his non-disclosure agreement, insinuating that if Trump does so, it’s just proof that the stories are true.

Notably, Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, who does not usually miss an opportunity to dump on his ex-boss, says that the Adderall-snorting stories are not true, and that Trump “is an a**hole but not a drug addict.”

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