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WATCH: Joe Rogan Is So Disappointed When He Realizes His New Conspiracy Theory Is BS

WATCH: Joe Rogan Is So Disappointed When He Realizes His New Conspiracy Theory Is BS

Joe Rogan set out to stoke outrage on his podcast with the news that the government in Australia plans to make it illegal for people to grow their own food. As he built up the story, he sent a producer, off-camera, searching for a news article so he could add details. Then he learned it was all fake.

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Rogan built up a story about how the new law was being supported due to crop diseases, complete with fake mocking voices and exaggerated facial expressions. He added in his own conspiracy theories about exactly why a home garden would be outlawed. Spoiler alert — it’s vaccines, of course.

However, as Rogan fabricates a full background for this supposed law, we can hear his producer trying to look it up and saying he can’t find anything — “except for that, which is a false thing.” The audience can’t see what ‘false thing’ is being named, but Rogan and his guest, Bryan “Hotep Jesus” Sharpe, quickly move on to assure audiences that things are always fake at first, then real later.

“They were trying to pass a bill that would outlaw you growing your own food in Australia…I want to know what their justification was, but I’m pretty sure it had to do with agricultural contamination..I mean you could justify it if you’re a real piece of sh*t…these f***ing creeps. They got a good grip on people during the pandemic, they locked everybody down in Australia…”

He surmises that stopping people from growing their own food will “smoke out an anti-vaxxer,” and that people aren’t allowed to go to the grocery store in Australia if they’re not vaccinated, therefore they’ll be forced to get the COVID-19 vaccine or starve.

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Of course, the facts in Rogan’s fearmongering fail even before he finds out the latest horror is all in his own imagination. As 9 News reported back in November the restrictions on shopping — which forbade unvaccinated customers to enter non-essential retail shops in Victoria, Australia — were lifted ahead of Christmas.

The government of Victoria has released a fact sheet correcting these claims.

“The amendments will not result in the destruction of crops, nor will they prevent people growing their own food.”

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