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WATCH: Joe and Mika Tear the Wall St. Journal Apart for Publishing Donald Trump’s Election Lies

WATCH: Joe and Mika Tear the Wall St. Journal Apart for Publishing Donald Trump’s Election Lies

The Wall St. Journal has always been a right-leaning publication. The editorial board, though, was often critical of teh president when he made a misstep.

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That all seemed to go out the window this week when the journal published a lie filled op-ed written by the former president. Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski ripped the paper over that decision during their Friday show.

“Wow, this is bull,” started Brzezinski. Scarborough jumped in, “If you can ignore the gratuitous sort of virtue signaling to the most hardcore Trump readers on the quote, ‘Russia hoax collusion thin,’ and if you can ignore the media bashing up top, what you find in the heart of that editorial is the deep-boning of Donald Trump’s conspiracy claims. They go state by state, and they point out the fact that, yes, and I agree what the Pennsylvania Supreme Court did, I had questions with it at the time. I said that here but they bring up at the Supreme Court and put those votes to the side, it does not have any impact, and it went through one claim after another and another and showed that the conspiracy theories were just lies.”

The host continued:

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“You just can’t keep up with the lies, so you either let the lie stand as fact or you spend all your time trying to rebut his outrageous lies. I find this with my friends who chase conspiracy theories, you rebut one claim and then they go, ‘Yeah, what about the Italian guy?’ You rebut the Italian guy, they go, ‘But what about in Georgia when they picked up, they picked up that thing from underneath,’ and you rebut that lie, and then they come up with another. It’s a never-ending whack-a-mole of lies and conspiracy theories.”


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