WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Talks Trump and His Disturbing Time Interview

Donald Trump recently conducted an interview with Time Magazine and the periodical released the full discussion transcript. At first glance, it seems like the ramblings of a high schooler who didn't do his homework and it largely unfamiliar with the material. But upon further reading, all of Trump's worst instincts are on full display. 

In the interview, Trump claims that if he were to be made President, mass deportations, internment camps, political violence and the arrest of opponents are all possible. During his Tuesday night show, Jimmy Kimmel took aim at Trump and his ramblings. 

The late-night host began by joking, “It’s quite a His Kampf." Kimmel continued:

"Trump says, all true what I’m about to inform you, this, he says he would carry out a deportation operation to remove more than 11 million people from the country. He says he would use the military to build migrant detention camps. He would let red states monitor women’s pregnancies – and prosecute those who violate abortion bans."

The comedian then remarked, "He would gut the civil service, he would close the White House pandemic-preparedness office, and staff his administration only with those who believe the election was stolen from him. And when they asked about dictatorship, he said, ‘I think a lot of people like it.'"