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WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Rips Trump Apart For ‘Crazy Old Man’ Memorial Day Message

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Rips Trump Apart For ‘Crazy Old Man’ Memorial Day Message

Shortly before he was banned from the service, Donald Trump had close to 90 million Twitter followers. And each day, these users would see a stream of Trump tweets on the issues of the day. In January of 2021, though, the former president lost the ability to use to platform to reach these fans.

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Since the, Trump has tried to find ways to communicate with his followers. Mostly, he’s issued statements via his new blog. And the statements have become increasingly pathetic. During his Thursday night monologue, Jimmy Kimmel mocked Trump for his recent message about Memorial Day.

The former president wrote, “With Memorial Day Weekend coming up, tomorrow people start driving in the biggest automobile days of the year. I’m sorry to say the gasoline prices that you will be confronted with are far higher than they were just a short number of months ago where we had gasoline under $2 a gallon.”

Trump continued, “Remember as you’re watching the meter tick, and your dollars pile up, how great of a job Donald Trump did as President. Soon Russia and the Middle East will be making a fortune on oil, and you will be saying how good it was to have me as your President.”

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After recapping the statement, Kimmel remarked, “He’s just a crazy old man shouting at pigeons now. He seems to have forgotten the reason gas prices were low was because we had no place to go, we had nowhere to drive. There was a terrible virus killing our grandparents.”


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