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[WATCH] Jimmy Kimmel Rips QAnon Followers Still Waiting for JFK Jr to Appear

[WATCH] Jimmy Kimmel Rips QAnon Followers Still Waiting for JFK Jr to Appear

QAnons are nothing if not patient.

The conspiracy cult, which believes that Donald Trump is leading the fight against a global cabal of sex-trafficking lizard people disguised as Democrats and celebrities, has been expecting the return of John F. Kennedy, Jr for quite some time. Every time he’s expected to show up but doesn’t–having been dead for 22 years puts quite a damper on one’s social calendar, don’t you know–the QAnons simply huddle together and move the goalposts another few feet so they don’t have to accept any truths or realities they don’t like.


QAnons believe a Pennsylvania man calling himself Vincent Fusco is actually John-John hiding out. They happily eschew pesky facts like Fusco looks nothing like the staunchly Democratic Kennedy, who sadly died in a plane crash along with his wife and her sister in the summer


Eerie resemblance, said only the QAnons who will believe literally anything except the actual truth.

It’s kind of remarkable, the staying power of delusional groupthink. You almost have to admire the dedication to maintaining this level of absurdity for weeks at a time.


Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel skewered the QAnons who would rather stand outside in Dallas for weeks than live an existence of accountability. “If you’re not familiar with how the prophecy goes, QAnon supporters believe that every year, on the second night of November, JFK rises up from the pumpkin patch, and delivers horse dewormer to all the true American patriots,” Kimmel said. “If JFK did plan on showing up, why would he come back to the place where he was assassinated? That’s the last place I would visit. It’s almost like this makes no sense.”

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Remarking that they first gathered two weeks ago, Kimmel then played a clip of QAnon followers singing “We Are The World” in Dealey Plaza on Monday night. Adding to the bit, Kimmel went on to interview a fictional QAnon follower named “Brittney,” who claimed to be dating JFK Jr. Watch the sketch, below.



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