WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Explains Why the QAnon Shaman is Smarter Than Eric and Don Jr.

In early January, a rabid mob of Donald Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol. The FBI has used a number of different tools to identify and arrest them. The excuse used by a number of them: “The President gave me permission to do it.”

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

And many of the insurrectionists were expecting a pardon from the 45th president, but it never came. QAnon Shaman, one of the most prominent rioters, says he feels played by Trump. During his Thursday show, Jimmy Kimmel joked that the rioter has an advantage over the former president’s sons.

According to his lawyer, “Kimmel began, “the shaman has come to grasp the fact that former President Trump really didn’t love him. That’s something. It only took him a month to figure out what Don Jr. and Eric have been wrestling with for years.”

The QAnon Shaman, who’s real name is Jacob Chansley, is currently sitting in a Washington DC jail cell. His lawyer, Albert Watkins, told the Daily Beast, “He has come to grasp that fact that the former president really didn’t love him and that all the bulls— about Trump’s army and all the social-media-driven conspiracy theories led to a lot of the vulnerability. Has my client gone through a wholesale repudiation on his previous beliefs? No. It’s part of an ongoing process. But he has recognized his role and my client has bellied up and realized he needs to do right by his country.”

Watch a clip of the segment below:


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