WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Anti-Vaxx “Freeloaders” Who Benefit From Others Getting Shots

The last year and change has been a time of enormous sacrifice for millions of Americans. Many others, though, decided not to change their habits at all. Guided by Donald Trump and his GOP enablers, some decided not to wear masks or practice social distancing.

Photo by JEFF DEAN/AFP via Getty Images

And now these same people are refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine. For most of them, it won’t matter. Millions of people have chosen to get inoculated and have made the country safer for all. During his Thursday night show, Jimmy Kimmel took aim at the anti-vaxxers, calling them a bunch of freeloaders.

The host began the segment by playing a clip of Marjorie Taylor Greene saying, “you can’t discriminate against people simply because they won’t wear a mask.” Kimmel suggested they put her, “brain in a shredder.”

The comedian continued, “Searches for ‘fake Covid vaccine card’ are up more than 111 percent. And you can buy them, which is so gross.”

Kimmel closed the segment:

“The only reason you’re somewhat safe now is that other people got the shot. You’re the person who heads for the bathroom when the check comes at the restaurant. You’re the lady who takes home the centerpieces from a wedding you weren’t invited to. You’re the guy who brings five napkins to a potluck dinner. That’s you. You don’t think it’s you. But it’s you.”

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live:

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