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WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel and Hunter Biden Have Some Choice Words For Don Jr. and Lindsey Graham

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel and Hunter Biden Have Some Choice Words For Don Jr. and Lindsey Graham

Hunter Biden appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night and spent a good portion of the segment mocking Donald Trump Jr.

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Like his father, Donald Trump Jr. likes to think of himself as a self made man. The reality, of course, is that both men inherited much of their wealth and were supplied with cushy jobs right out of college.

Still, Donald Trump Jr. spent much of the 2020 campaign season mocking Hunter Biden for being given jobs due to his father’s status Biden ruthlessly defended himself alongside Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel began by asking, “Does it make you crazy when you hear someone like Donald Trump Jr. saying that the only reason he does is because he’s a Biden, and because of his last name? And how just wildly comical that is?”

Biden responded, “It is wildly comical. That is putting it lightly. I try not to think about it too much.”

The host also brought up Lindsey Graham, a long time friend of the Biden’s who has become a political enemy. “When you talk about Lindsey Graham being on television attacking you, he was considered a family friend, he was a friend of your father’s. And how strange it is to see that happen, to see a person do that.”

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“More than anything, it’s sad,” Biden said. “Politics has become so toxic. And I think that the thing that I hope my dad is able to bring back is his genuine desire to take some of that toxicity out again. So I had a deep respect for Senator Graham. And it’s just sad to see the way in which he has decided to, not just attack me, but to approach politics.”


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