WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Asks Sanders if Trump is Making Pence COVID-19 Fall Guy

Of all the late night hosts, Jimmy Fallon would probably be considered the least political. The comic has been criticized for humanizing Donald Trump during an interview prior to the 2016 election.

Ty Wright/Getty Images

On Wednesday night, Fallon spoke with another politician hoping to win the 2020 election, Bernie Sanders. During the interview, the host asked Sanders if he thought Vice President Mike Pence is being made the fall guy for the country’s poor coronavirus response.

When asked by Fallon who the American people should trust, the Vermont senator answered:

“Well Jimmy, that is the problem that we have today. We have a president who is anti-science, doesn’t believe in the reality of climate change, who has appointed Mike Pence, who is also not known to be much of a scientist, to lead the task force. And clearly at this moment you need somebody you can trust who’s going to bring together the best scientists, doctors, researchers, work with the entire world to do everything that we can to halt this terrible pandemic.”

Fallon followed up, “[Pence’s appointment] is very interesting to a lot of people, they think that he’s going be, take the fall for this, take a hit if, because this is a disaster I think, and then they’re going to say that Trump is going to have Nikki Haley on the ticket in 2020. What are you hearing over in your…?”

“Well, ultimately it’s the president of the United States’ responsibility, and why you would appoint a vice president to lead this whose own particular record with regard to scientists, with regard to the HIV virus, has been pretty pathetic,” said Sanders.

You can watch a clip of the interview below, courtesy of NBC:

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