WATCH: Jim Sciutto Shuts Down GOP Governor Brad Little After He Lies About Masks

The United States is getting into a groove when it comes to getting people vaccinated. On Saturday, a total of 2.9 million Americans received a shot, a new record. And cases are going down rapidly as well.

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Despite the success, many Americans are still fighting the basic practices that got us here. This was evident this weekend when people in Idaho held a mask burning rally. This morning Jim Sciutto had Idaho Governor Brad Little on to talk about the incident.

“Masks have become a big issue in your state,” the CNN said. “You had a mask burning event over the weekend and, to your credit, you’ve tweeted openly, ‘keep practicing what we know works and stay home.’ And if we look at events like that, has turning mask news a political issue, not yourself, but others, has that helped or hurt the health of the residents of your state?”

Little responded, “What we’ve tried to do is present all of the evidence and it is been conflicting, everybody has to admit that, that people choose to carry a mask, to wear a mask. You know, having it over your forehead or your chin –.”

Sciutto cut the Republican off, saying, “It is not conflicting — that the science is pretty clear on this it keeps it down.It is not conflicting. The evidence about wearing a mask: it works.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:


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